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Alcatel-Lucent Romania - Tiberiu Dinescu - IT Support Engineer 
Data recovery customer Alcatel LucentWithin our IT department we had a hard disk which produced strange noises. We brought it to a company where it was diagnosed as having defect reading pins and it was returned to us since they had no way of recovering the data in this situation.  At this moment we contacted BIT Consulting for the first time and were very pleased with the results because the data was recovered in full and with a reasonable response time. We are currently at our third mechanical recovery performed by this company, with positive results. Bit Consulting is a company which treats its customers seriously and professionally. We highly recommend their services .

Lafarge Romania - Sorin Tone - IT Manager
Data recovery customer Lafarge-RomaniaWe have contacted BIT Data Recovery a number of times for data recovery from hard disks with different defects.  In some cases the data was recovered in full, but in others the recovery could not be attempted. One of the cases was subsequently sent to KROLL ONTRACK GERMANY and returned with the same result. This confirmed the fact that services offered by BIT Data Recovery are state-of-the-art.

McCann Erickson - Cosmin Andreescu – IT Manager
Data recovery customer McCann EricksonWe have used the services of BIT Consulting for the recovery of data from a 1.8” hard disk, somewhat atypical from the popular interfaces used in the majority of computers.  We have contacted them due to the recommendations from other friends who had already worked with them for similar problems.  We have sent the hard-disk for service trusting to receive a clear diagnosis of the failure and also that the data will be recoverable. Every subsequent step was professionally performed (diagnosis, hard drive repair, data recovery). In only three days we were able to get the majority of the data back (98%), while the lost data was insignificant.

This experience with BIT Consulting in connection with data recovery makes me recommend this company to anyone encountering such problems, with much more chance to recover the data.

SCANDIA FOOD - Rares Popescu - Director Planificare Strategica si IT
Data recovery customer Scandia Food10 years ago, after many hours of hard work, using more or less professional software, data recovery was sometimes a miracle, the result being partial or unimportant data, or even none when dealing with physical injuries. Since almost 7 years ago, working with BIT Consulting, I know i can count anytime on a professional team, a “laboratory for data recovery” in the right sense. We faced critical situations, corrupted data storages with important information, in which BIT Consulting team recovered all data in most of the cases or almost all data in some with physical damages. It’s admirable and an example for any business in Romania, the excellence of the customer relationship process, service quotation, returning of data, integrity of the team, proactivity, in one word the professional way BIT Consulting is dealing with its customers. Good luck!

Data recovery customer Tuborg RomaniaWe have worked with BIT Consulting for data recovery from a RAID5 matrix. During the recovery process we were able to evaluate their performances as very competent. In addition we were provided with detailed information on every stage of the recovery process. We certainly appreciate the professionalism of the BIT Consulting team.


Data recovery customer Gazeta SporturilorYou never feel the thrill of digital technology as much as when your hard disk is failing:  All your data, you thought was safe there…  Ok, I got it, back-up techniques: Daily, weekly, every year! We knew it and this is why we purchased an NAS device (a box with some hard disks inside, in a RAID matrix).  So what? One day it also failed. But since a well-informed person knows who to call, the respective hard disk was handed to the information “recuperators”. The best. They extract information much like in the movie “Inception”. In less than 10 days we got our data back in full. Hundreds of GB bytes, bit by bit… What is a bit worth these days? It is worth everything if you speak of Bit Data Recovery!!

Data recovery customer SAINT GOBAIN ISOVER ROMANIAFact: My HARD DRIVES is no longer recognised by my laptop. The system does not boot.  I have tried to access the HARD DRIVES by means of an external USB rack – to no effect.  I noticed that my HARD DRIVES no longer presented the vibrations specific to the operational state. For things to be even more complicated, the HARD DRIVES was completely encrypted.
Requirement: Full data recovery.
Solution: As all of us in the IT business we start looking left and right for a means of recovering something or for similar experiences of other colleagues.  Fortunately social networking really works and we were recommended to use BIT Consulting, by a former colleague.  The HARD DRIVES was diagnosed with a mechanical defect, its chances of recovery were evaluated and it was returned to us in an operational state in three days. I recommend the services of BIT Consulting just as I generally recommend using specialists and specialised services, because sometimes things get complicated because we complicate them.

CECCAR BRASOV - Marius Chiriac
Data recovery customer CECCAR BRASOVThree weeks ago I found that an external Fujitsu HARD DRIVES (1TB), used by my company to store data, no longer worked so I brought it to some IT specialists for a diagnosis. First investigations showed that nothing can be done for data recovery, the HARD DRIVES had a mechanical motor problem (probably suffered a shock), so we were recommended the services of BIT Data Recovery.  Consequently we contacted this company and were lucky enough  to encounter serious, professional and prompt partners who recovered 100 % or our data urgently, a fact for which we are grateful to them and we highly recommend them.

KERNEL CONTROL - Satmarean Alexandru -IT Administrator
Client KERNEL CONTROLWe have used the services of BitConsulting following a failure of 2 hard disks out of 3 in a Raid5 matrix. For this customer the data on these hard disks was highly sensitive. After presenting the situation, the BitConsulting team started to do its job and managed to recover the data completely.  The recovery was fast and professional, including feedbacks on the state of data recovery and a high implication.  We are very pleased with our collaboration with the company BitConsulting. If we encounter more problems of this type, we will certainly use the services of BitConsultin.

Marks & Spencer Romania - Duica Mihai
Marks & SpencerI was pleasantly surprised by the promptness and professionalism you showed, the ease of communicating with you.

Thank you for the quality of the services you offer and we will certainly use your services again.

TOPO LAND CONSULT - Razvan DESPA –Technical Manager
Marks & SpencerWe have used the services of Bit Data Recovery for the recovery of data from a Seagate hard disk of 1.5 TB with a mechanical defect, after an unpleasant experience with another company in the same field of activity. I can say that at the beginning they did not give me plenty of chances for the recovery of some data which was very important to me, but just as with the other company I said “let’s try”. I was very surprised that the data was recovered to a percentage of almost 95% in 3 weeks, in comparison with the other company which could recover nothing in 4 months. Consequently I recommend BIT Data Recovery for their professionalism and realism.

ENERGI-CO HOLDING – Viorel Badea – Executive Manager
Data recovery customer Universitatea Tehnica din ClujWe addressed the company Bit Consulting for the recovery of data from a hard disk which had suffered a strong mechanical shock. There was accumulated data representing the work for the last five years. After knocking on several doors where we heard the same tune, “unfortunately there is nothing we can do” BIT Consulting was our last hope. We were offered flawless service quality by real specialists dedicated to their profession and their customers. 

Universitatea Politehnica BucurestiPolitehnica University Bucharest – Vlad PIRAIANU

We have used the data recovery services as a consequence of an electric failure of a HARD DRIVES.

The collaboration with BIT Consulting was extremely prompt, efficient and professional and the data was recovered to 100 %.

Thank you BIT Consulting!

Data recovery customer EnrgicoENERGI-CO HOLDING – Viorel Badea – Executive Manager

We are BIT Consulting customers for the IT SERVICE division ever since we had a hard disk crash in one of our computers and we called one of their technicians who took the computer with him and recovered the data while returning the computer to operation state on the second day, including data recovery. I was not at all surprised by their work attitude, it is a normal thing to benefit from such prompt and efficient services

Data recovery customer Voltinvest Thank you for your professionalism, your promptness and efficiency. Honestly, I did not thing that you would be able to recover something from a burnt HARD DRIVES, because I had asked another company who first said it was a minor thing and would be solved in an hour, than extended this period to 24 hours and finally gave us the verdict “nothing can be recovered!!!” .. you said in the very beginning that it would last 10 days and that is what it took – quick and to the point!!!!

Data recovery customer Rodax ManagementWhen a recommendation comes from people working in the same field, I thing not many arguments are needed.  Nevertheless, for conformity, I would say that I was pleasantly surprised not only by the technical capacity proven by BIT Data Recovery, but also by their seriousness and proactive attitude in the relationship with their partners.

The Brokers Association -  Maria Niculae- Economic Manager
Data recovery customer Asociatia BrokerilorWhen you speak of BIT Data Recovery you speak of professionals who solve your problems promptly and efficiently.  Has your hard disk crashed, have you lost files or drives .., do not despair! They will do their job and in the shortest time a miracle will happen, the data will be recovered and everything will come back to normal.  

Although I do not want to go through such a crisis again, I am much more at ease now that I know that there is this company and I am certain they will be capable of finding the solution.  For this reason I recommend them responsively, at least for the kind of activity that we have used

PROCOR S.A. Targoviste - ing. Marius Neagu
Data recovery customer ProcorConsidering the unfortunate event which lead us to appeal to your services, we would like to express our consideration for your professionalism and exemplary conduct of the BIT Consulting employees, for the recovery of documents and data bases from memory support.
We hope you will maintain the high standard of the services you are offering and “you are there for us whenever we are in need”.

LOGOS CORPORATE – Iulia Croitoru
Data recovery customer Logos CorporateWe have used the BIT Data Recovery services because the computer I was working on and had all the company accounting stored on, as well as a number of other very important company documents,  was no longer working. The technicians have found that the hard disk was burnt and in two days we had our data back, they had changed the hard disk and we had recovered all the data.  I am very pleased with the services they offer and I highly recommend them.


APDRP - Cristina Cojocariu - IT Expert
Agentia de plati pentru dezvoltare rurala si pescuitIFollowing the recommendation of a few friends I have used the services of BitConsulting for the recovery of data from a HARD DRIVES whose electronic circuits had been burnt. The collaboration with Bit Consulting proved a success, the data was recovered in full.

BITCORE SOFT - Cornel Neicu – General Manager
This is the first time we use the services of a company in this field (and I hope it is the last), but I was pleasantly impressed with your promptness, professionalism and the quality of your services. These are qualities one can hardly overlook.

When my RAID 0 of 1.5TB got corrupted I thought there was nothing left to be done for data recovery, but fortunately someone recommended BIT Data Recovery. They got me out of a big mess. In 3 days they had recovered and delivered all the data. It is now my turn to recommend the services of this company any time I get the chance.

Dear reader,

If you are reading these lines, you can only find yourself in one of two situations:  You are either very angry (a specific anger prior to contacting the Bit Team), or very happy (much like I am now, after they have called me and told me “Hello, concerning your situation, we were able to recover 99,98% of the data!!!).    It is painful to live even half a day with the impression that you have just lost the last 5 years of your work of photography, trips, memories. All of it gone in an instant … The joy of recovery is unbounded, as well as the lesson learned. Thank you Bit Data Recovery for your flawless services

Article from Chip November edition 2010

Article from Chip November edition 2010
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Thank you for your professionalism, your promptness and efficiency. Honestly, I did not thing that you would be able to recover something from a burnt HARD DRIVES, because I had asked another company who.. read moreData Recovery arrow

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