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Recovery of data from a card, regardless of the type of defect

Do not worry if you cannot access the data from card, we certainly have a solution for the recovery of your data!
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We ensure recovery services from the following types of cards: Kingston, Sandisk, Olympus, Kodak, SONY, Lexar, Verbatim

All photo cameras currently use memory cards (flash cards) of various types and sizes such as SD, XD, Memory Duo, MMC. There are also frequent cases when a card becomes unavailable (can no longer be read) even if it is put into a card reader. In such cases the only variant is to bring your card to our service where we can recover photos and films stored on that card by using specialised equipments.

Recovery card phyzical defectsThere are two types of defects which could lead to the necessity of recovering data from your card:

LOGICAL DEFECTS - you have formatted the memory card by mistake, have deleted some files or card requires formatting at the moment it is put into the card reader

PHYSICAL DEFECTS - the memory card is no longer recognised by the card reader or the photo camera, when it is put into the card reader no drive appears on the computer or there is a message indicating that there is a problem with the respective card

In case of LOGICAL DEFECTS thanks to our equipments and experience we are able to rebuild the information and recover the data on your flash drive (in the majority of cases) even if the card has been formatted or the files have been erased.

In case of a PHYSICAL DEFECT the recovery from the flash card takes place by means of special equipments used to access directly the data on the memory chip and rebuild the data extraction algorithm. At the end the card will no longer be usable but you will have recovered all the photos from the card.

In 75% of cases of PHYSICAL DEFECT data is recovered in 3,4 days, in 15% of cases it may take a month and in 10% of cases the recovery of the data FAILS.

Embedded cards (cards that are made up of a monolithic module) can no longer be recovered in case of PHYSICAL DEFECTS. Such cards are: Micro SD, MMC Monolithic.

SANDISK cards with a PHYSICAL DEFECT cannot be recovered in general because they use a data encryption system which makes data recovery impossible

WE WILL OFFER YOU A FREE DIAGNOSIS IN OUR SERVICE. For more details on how to send the memory cards into service please access the expedition page



 SONY card 4GB Case No. 1 - A customer brings us an open SONY memory Stick Pro Duo card of 4GB. In fact, after the customer had seen that he can no longer access the data on the card he brought the card to a friend who worked in the field of electronics, who tried all possibilities available to him but was unable to recover any data from the card.  Once the memory card reached us we read the data directly from the NAND FLASH memory and were able to rebuild the data storage algorithm. In this case we were able to recover 940 photos exactly in their original form and with the same structure. In conclusion, these data recovery procedures from the card can only be performed by special equipments and by specialised personnel, trained in recovering data from the memory card.

 kingston card SD 4GBCase No. 2 - In this case the customer brought us a KINGSTON SD CARD of 4 GB which could no longer be used in the card reader. The problem appeared as a consequence of shutting off and turning on the photo camera. In this case the reading of the dump files from each of the two chips was necessary, after which we were able to rebuild the data extraction algorithm in 3 days.  As a consequence of recovery we managed to extract the photos the customer wanted as well as the photos which had been deleted a long time ago.

These two cases presented above are only two examples of solved cases, so as to give you a general idea of the data recovery process from cards. Until this moment we have over 100 solved cases.

TECHNICAL DETAILS - As seen above data recovery from cards is only possible using specialised equipments and with the experience of a technician specialised in cards. Practically the means of storing the data on cards differs for every card model, in other words it is very likely that two SD Kingston cards of 4GB have two different releases for controllers and NAND FLASH memories inside making it possible to recover the data only by rebuilding the different data extraction algorithms. Any card has information stored based on algorithms, such as in RAID hard disks, only the algorithm is much more complex. Practically for every card we must find the algorithm used to recover the data from the card.


Article from Chip November edition 2010

Article from Chip November edition 2010
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