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We recover data from IPOD with a LOGICAL/PHYSICAL defects

IPOD RECOVERYThe IPOD is a device destined to the storage of multimedia data (music, films) but it can just as well be used as an external hard disk for storing any type of file: documents, photographs, films, archives. If your IPOD becomes unavailable you probably need the IPOD DATA RECOVERY service.

Like any data storage device, the IPOD is not 100% secure. There is a small percentage of cases when access to this data is impossible from an IPOD due to factors such as:  accidentally dropping the IPOD, accidental deletion of some files, failure to detect by the computer due to faulty disconnection, impossibility to open IPODsl.

The IPOD DATA RECOVERY service facilitates the recovery of data in any of the prior cases, regardless of the defect being LOGICAL or PHYSICAL.

LOGICAL DEFECTS – are characterised as follows: IPOD is perfectly functional, but for various reasons it has lost certain data (accidental deletion, etc.)

PHYSICAL DEFECTS – are characterised by the impossibility of accessing the data on the IPOD

There are two types of technologies used for IPOD as concerns the storage of data.

1. IPOD is using a HARD DRIVE of 1.8” for storage, usually with a ZIF interface.  If the defect is a physical one, IPOD must be opened and for the recovery of data the necessary technology must be used for the recovery of data from a hard disk, you will find more details on the page dedicated to hard disks. If the defect is a logical defect the recovery of data from IPOD can take place by means of its interface, without the need to open the IPOD.

2.IPODs using Flash technologies, these IPODS are very small and the data are stored in memory flashes similar to sticks or flash cards. If the defect is of a LOGICAL Nature, the recovery of data can be made by means of the PC connection interface and if the failure is a physical one, the recovery of data takes place by opening the IPOD and extracting the data directly from the memory flash.  For more details please visit the web page dedicated to flash sticks.

In general, the information stored on an IPOD are multimedia files, which are in certain cases more important and in other cases not very important, the IPOD DATA RECOVERY service is available for these cases, when files must be recovered.

In case you have a problem with an IPOD and you want to recover the data, contact our service for a free diagnosis. At the end of the diagnosis one of our technicians will inform you as concerns the price and the chances of recovering the data from IPOD.

For more details on the shipment of the IPOD see the shipment page.


Article from Chip November edition 2010

Article from Chip November edition 2010
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