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We recover data from SSDs - LOGICAL and PHYSICAL defect


According to the problem you may encounter, the recovery method can differ.  In case an SSD is accessible, we speak of a LOGICAL DEFECT and the data can be recovered with the help of specialised programmes, directly from the SSD interface.

In case your SSD is no longer available we are speaking of a PHYSICAL DEFECT and in this case the only means of recovery data from the SSD is directly from the SSD flashes. Most often an SSD no longer works because deteriorations occur at the level of the memory flashes, which do not allow the SSD initialisations.

The SSD recovery data service can help you recover your data in over 85% of cases which have no encryption, regardless of the type of defect or the SSD capacity.  Here is an example of an SSD which our company alone can recover in Romania, because we have the recovery technology necessary, from the 2 largest manufacturers in the world:


There are SSD classes which cannot be recovered for the moment, this includes the SSDs using SANDFORCE controllers, e.g. SSDs from CORSAIR or OCZ generally use these controllers.

These controllers encrypt the data on memory flashes, which makes it impossible to recover the data from the SSD.  Obviously the manufacturers of equipments we are working with are researching means to find a solution to also solve these cases and possibly recover data some time from now.

Since you are visiting this web page you most likely have an SSD you want to recover the data from. It is true, even SSDs have their problems.  There is as yet no data storage device which is 100% secure but we can help you with the recovery of data from your SSD.

At the moment when SSDs appeared, manufacturers were saying this is the new solution for data storage and gave warranties, that they will be safer than hard drives.  They are indeed more resilient to shocks than hard drives, but they are sensible enough as concerns the interaction of an electronic nature at the moment of reading/writing

SSDs have appeared on the market some years ago and represent the technology for the replacement of hard disks.  Different from hard disks where the data storage uses platters with reading /writing pins, SSDs use memory flashes, and reading/writing the data takes place at the same time over more flash drives by means of various algorithms, to maximize the reading/writing speed.

If you have an SSD you want to recover the data from we will take over your device for service and a free diagnosis or you can send it to us using the information on our shipment page.


Article from Chip November edition 2010

Article from Chip November edition 2010



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