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Professional file recovery services on the Hard Drive, Memory Card, USB Stick, SSD, RAID, or any other type of data storage device.

Recover your files by calling to professionals

The most frequent human error leading to the loss of data is accidental deletion of files or folders. If this has happened to you, do not panic, it is highly likely that we will find a solution to recover the files you lost.  BIT Data Recovery has specialised equipments and specialised programs for file recovery.

You must bring us or send us your hard disk, memory stick, laptop or computer for service for a free diagnosis. Following this diagnosis we will be able to tell you if the files can be recovered as well as the costs for RECOVERING THE DELETED FILES.

You must not think that your files cannot be recovered. We can help you recover files in any of the following situations :

  • the hard disk makes strange sounds (ringing or scratching)
  • the hard disk is not recognised by the computer and is not visible in bios
  • accidental deletion of files, folders or drives
  • accidental formatting of some parts or reinstallation over the file drives
  • infection with viruses which corrupt windows or its partitions
  • viruses make the hard disk seem like an unallocated drive

Recovery of deleted files from a hard disk, usb stick or dvd

In all cases described above there are various solutions for the recovery of files, according to the type of problem, our technicians will apply the best method for file recovery.

Another very frequent case is hard disk formatting or memory stick formatting; the FILE RECOVERY PROCESS as a consequence of formatting can be a success, according to the means in which the formatting occurred.  There are cases when, as a consequence of file formatting, files can be recovered but there are also cases when it is impossible or only partially possible.

Other types of defects requiring a specialised file recovery process:

  • burnt electric components of the hard disk, as a consequence of power fluctuations
  • you accidentally deleted a photo folder and then clicked “Empty Recycle Bin"
  • you dropped your hard disk on the floor or subjected it to shock and the hard disk no longer starts
  • you set –up a hardware password and cannot remember what it is
  • you spilled water or liquids on your laptop and no longer have access to hard ware files
  • your hard disk has bad sectors which prevent you from accessing the files or block the pc
  • your CD or DVD is no longer visible because it is very scratched
  • CD-ul sau DVD-nu nu mai este vazut deoarece este foarte zgariat
  • DVD cu sesiunea neincheiata

These are only a few of the cases in which we can help you recover your files. Do not hesitate to contact us for additional information.

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How to prevent the permanent loss of files

As follows, we present you with a few types of problems which can occur on a hard disk and the decisions you need to take if you are interested in recovering your files.


  • Do not attempt to use software or utility software for data recovery, these sounds usually indicate the defect of the reading pins, the hard disk operation under these conditions can lead to permanent loss of data
  • shut down your computer to prevent the destruction of the platters and of any other existing data
  • do not attempt to restart your computer
  • send your hard disk in for service in case you want to recover your data

In this case it is very important that you know, that only specialised services can recover your files, not just any IT company has a specialised laboratory fit to solve such a problem. BIT Data Recovery has a state-of-the-art laboratory fit to perform the FILE RECOVERY services at the highest quality and safety standards.


  • do not add any other data (files) on the hard disk, if you have accidentally deleted or formatted the files
  • do not create new files with the same name as the accidentally removed files

In this case it is possible for you to recover your files also with the help of an experienced IT specialist or by means of a deleted file recovery program or formatted drives recovery program, which you need to purchase under license from the manufacturer.


  • do not attempt to reinstall the operating system
  • do not add any other data to the hard disk

In this case you must bring your hard to us for service, we will recover the files, and then you can proceed with normal installation, without risking losing the data.

In most cases you are likely to make the very errors we indicated above and make the file recovery process more difficult, if not impossible.

If you find yourself in any of the cases indicated above, you can send us your device for service, for a free diagnosis. The FILE RECOVERY service can return your lost data. For details click here.

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