Emergency data recovery

Technicians prepared to recover the data as soon as possible

Recover your data in a matter of hours!

BIT Data Recovery has a team of 4 technicians who are trained to recover data in an emergency.

We can recover emergency data  between one hour and 48 hours, we have the latest generation of professional equipment that allow us to do this, we have the largest archive of spare parts in ROMANIA and last but not least the best technicians from Romania.

We are dedicated to recovering data from HDDs with MECHANICAL DEFECTS. We have solutions for all types of servers, we have recovered urgently data from HP, DELL, IBM servers or from VMware virtualization servers.

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What is the difference between STANDARD and EMERGENCY?

Emergency mode helps you get the data as fast as possible, depending on the technique, this can mean between one hour and 48 hours.

Example STANDARD mode - Let's say you have a HARD with a MECHANICAL defect for which a technician normally works for 20-30 hours. In the STANDARD mode, these hours are divided into working sessions on different days up to 5-10 business days, so at the end of the term the procedure is completed and usually after 7 to 10 working days you will be in the possession of the data.

Example of the URGENT mode - The same URGENT case is taken over by the technician as soon as we have the agreement for this procedure and we are working on the case until the procedure is completed, so the 20-30 working hours are executed in the first 2 days and the customer gets the data in the shortest possible time.

The procedures and the working methodology are the same for the STANDARD regime and for the URGENT regime, in certain cases, if the technical procedure allows, in agreement with the client, it is possible to set a priority of the data to be recovered and once again to set a priority data delivery in order to maximize the recovery of the data.

Due to the fact that our company has the best data recovery solutions in Romania, the 4 BIT Data Recovery technicians are always busy solving STANDARD cases, so for URGENT cases r it is necessary to reorganize the working processes that determine additional charges.

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