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Main causes of deterioration of external hard drive

The most frequent types of defects we find with external hard drives are mechanical defects, because the users hit or drop the external hdd due to negligence or lack of attention. Following such an event there are chances that the data can be recovered but there are also situations in which the data cannot be recovered. Our company has the highest rate of cases solved from Romania for such problems.

The most frequent cases of defects are :

  • the user trips over the supply cable and pulls the hdd from the desk
  • the user touches the hard which is positioned vertically and topples over
  • the user drops the external hard drive on the floor during transport

Western DigitalSeagate  Data Recovery Lacie   Fujitsu SiemensSamsung

The most used types of hard drives are Western Digital and Seagate. These two brands represent approximately 70-80 % of external hard drive sold and therefore 70-80% of them have mechanical problems.

We will discuss the external hard disks of 3.5"  specific to the two brands.  In case of Western Digital it happens most often that following a fall or a shock an uncontrolled movement of the read-write pins occurs, which can lead to the scratching of the platters or the blocking of the reading pins on the surface of the platters. In case of Western Digital external hdd it is extremely rare that the motor of the hard disk is blocked . In these cases the chances are extremely variable and depend on the type of drop the hard disk has suffered, if it was working or not at the moment of the drop.

In case of SEAGATE   3.5" the most frequent type of defect following a shock is the blocking of the motor. Free Agent 3.5" series from Seagate use in the vast majority of cases which are extremely sensitive to shock. We have sufficient cases in which as a consequence of the topple over of that hard drive the motor was blocked. In these situations the only possibility is the operation of moving the platters. BIT DATA RECOVERY is the only company in Romania which has the necessary equipment for such operations.

In addition of the mechanical defects there are also cases of electrical defects or firmware defects and these are a relatively low percentage.

External hard drive laptop usb 2.5" In case of external hard disks of 2.5" (we only refer to the ones charged by memory stick such as the one in this image) the most problems appear also as a consequence of shock or hitting the hdd.

Due to the fact that they are very small, they can be carried around in pockets, handbags or bags and therefore the chances of shock are very high.

There is a large number of manufacturers of external hdd of 2.5" Western Digital, Seagate, Adata, Verbatim, Samsung, Transcend, Toshiba, Samsung, Apple, Hitachi, HP, Lacie, Lenovo, Prestigio, Silicon Power, Teac, Fujitsu Siemens, Freecom but inside are the same 4 or 5 types of hard disks (Seagate, Western Digital, Toshiba, Samsung, Fujitsu Siemens) of which Western Digital holds more than half the market ratio.

For the recovery of the data from such hard drives we need specialised equipments which allow for the operation of opening up the disks and for the data recovery to take place in conditions of maximum safety. In case of mechanical defects, the opening of the hard disk takes place in an adequate Clean Room Class 100.

Recover Data from external Western Digital 2.5" and 3.5

The best sold types of external drives are those from Western Digital My Passport of 2.5" and My Book of 3.5". These drives contain a means of data encryption on platters and a direct USB2 or USB 3 interface which makes the recovery procedure a very difficult process. External hdd in general are subject to shocks which could lead to the deterioration of the surface and loss of data.

BIT Data Recovery has developed a solution allowing for the partial recovery of data from these drives, according to the degree of data deterioration. Up to the present moment we have managed a partial or total recovery of data from the majority of Western Digital external hdd:

WD2500BMVS-11F9S0 WD2500BMVU-11A04S0 WD1600BMVS-11F9S0 WD3200BMVS-11F9S0 WD3200BMVV-11A9MS0 WD2500BMVU-11A04S0 WD2500BMVV-11GNWS0 WD5000BMVV-11SXZ1 WD3200BMVV-11A1PS0 WD5000BMVV-11GNWS0 WD5000BMVU-11A08S0 WD5000BMVV-11A1CS0 WD3200BMVU-11A04S0 WD3200BMVU-11A04S0 WD5000BMVW-11AMCS2 WD3200BMVW-11AMCS0 WD5000BMVW-11AMCS0, WD5000BMVW-11AMCS2 WD10TMVW-11ZSMS4 WD10TMVV-11TK7S1 WD10TMVV-11BG7S0 WD10TMVW-11ZSM1 WD10TMVV-11A27S1 WD10TMVV-11A27S0

All of these models come from casings such as My Passport Essential, My Passport Essential SE, My Passport for Mac, My Book Essential, My Book for Mac.

The detailed list of the types of external hard disks recovered in our service

If you own a hard drive which is no longer functional or if you want to recover the data, please send it to us for a free diagnosis. You will find more details on sending us the external hard drives here.


Article from Chip November edition 2010

Article from Chip November edition 2010
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