Frequent questions

1. What is the amount of the general costs of the recovery process? ?
The prices for the data recovery services are fixed for any different type of storage device. We want to offer total transparency for our interantional customers.
Please check the pricing page

2. How long does the recovery process take?
The data recovery process lasts between 2 days and 2 weeks depending on the defect.

3. Is there the possibility of emergency data recovery?
We will recover data urgently for an additional FEE; the recovery process will start in maximum 1 hours from the reception of the hard disk in service.
Please check the pricing page

4. I am from Romania, Hungary, England, Australia, Italy …. and I want to recover data from a hard drive with problems.  How do I proceed ?
You can send us your hdd by courier, it is necessary that you pack it as well as possible so that it does not suffer additional damage during transport.
 For more details please access the page expedition.

5.The hard drive has an electrical burn, how long does it take to recover the data and what are the chances of recovery?
The chances of data recovery in case of electrical failure is 90% and the recovery of data can last from 1 day to 2 weeks.

6. I have a hdd with a mechanical failure and I want to recover a single file from it. Will the costs be smaller?
The costs in the case of mechanical failures will be the same regardless of the amount of data to be recovered. Please check the pricing page

7. I can no longer see one of the partitions on the hard drive, can the data be recovered?
In such situations it is mostly possible to recover all the data on the respective partition.

8. I have reinstalled Windows and by mistake I ran the installation on drive D, where I had all my other data. Can anything be recovered in this case?
The data can certainly be recovered, but the percentage of the data recovered  can vary according to the means of formatting and the amount of data which was written to the hard disk after windows installation.

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