Data Recovery Procedures

Detailing the four stages of work, from receiving hardware in serivice and to verify the result and recovered data delivery to the customer.

4 steps in the data recovery process


STAGE 1 - Sending equipment into service

You can send your equipment through the courier for a free diagnosis.

Once the equipment arrives in our service it is registered in our database. At the time of registration you will automatically receive an email with the entry note. In this note you will be able to check all the equipment identification data and also a clause guaranteeing the confidentiality of the data.

From this stage the equipment goes to the technical diagnostic department.


STAGE 2 - Free diagnosis within 24 hours

When a customer brings a hard disk to us, the service unit fills in a file to guarante data confidentiality.

In this stage we will carefully study the hard disk to identify the type of defect. 

After a preliminary diagnosis we will know if the disk has a logical defect, an electrical, mechanical one or corrupted partitions, virus files….  We will contact you during this diagnosis phase to get more information and then we will be informing you of the costs of recovery and the time required for data recovery.  Should you accept the costs we will pass to the next stage.


STAGE 3 - Data recovery procedure

This process can vary significantly, according to the type of defect of the hard disk. Should the defect be a mechanical or electrical one, we will proceed with the acquisition and exchange of the necessary parts.

If the defect is at the level of firmware of the hdd, we will attempt to repair it. If the hdd is functional but there are structural problems at the level of files, we will attempt to reconstruct them. In case of mechanical defects all the part replacement operations will be performed in a specialized environment, i.e. in a CLEAN ROOM CLASS 100.


STAGE 4 - Data Delivery

Once the data is recovered and saved on one of our storage devices, their return can occur in several ways:

If the amount of data is under 14 GB it will be written on DVDs, in case the data recovered exceeds 100 GB it will be transferred to another hdd or we can write them to the hard disk they were recovered from (only if this is possible), or we can provide the customer with a hard drive for the transport of data in exchange for a guarantee.  Data recovered is kept on our storage devices for an additional 5 days after the take-over by the customer, after which period they are erased.

Pe scurt acestea sunt procedurile pe care le facem de la momentul primirii unui echipament in service si pana la momentul livrarii datelor recuperate. Daca aveti orice alta intrebare ne puteti contacta de Luni pana Vineri in intervalul 9-18.

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