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  • Can we recover data from hard drives with damaged sectors?

    Errors in reading files are unpleasant and I think there is no one who has never experienced a problem of this kind. So, you're about to open a document that you took for work at home and see that it suddenly does not open at all…..

  • Can we recover data from damaged sectors?

    In the digital age, we are working with a lot of digital information, obviously. We store them on hard drives, memory sticks, memory cards, cloud, etc. If they are in the cloud, they are secure and can be accessed through our personal account from anywhere, anytime.

  • BIT Data Recovery at Internet Mobile World 2015

    Between October 7-8, 2015, BIT Data Recovery took part in the Internet & Mobile World 2015 event.

    Throughout the event, a technician in the DATE RECOVERY department was available to answer questions with examples and concrete cases.

  • How to recover data from a SSD drive!

    Seen as a replacement for the old hard drive, SSD (Solid State Drive) drives are the latest data storage technology, especially used for laptops, tablets and even industrial equipment, requiring large capacities storage.

  • Loss of data and recovery process

    What to do if you lose the IT data that your business depends on? Such loss cannot be recovered through a low-paying ad. It takes a little more effort. The simplest solution is to call a data recovery data company

  • Why the hard drives do broken and how you can we recover the data?

    Many people choose external hard drives for storing holiday photos or videos made to family or to children. Sometimes, however, accidents happen and personal files are in danger. Sometimes you can minimize your chances by choosing quality HDDs that are less likely to break.

  • Recovers data from memory sticks with the help of professionals

    Each of us has at least one External HDD were we can store personal data, photos, videos, documents, materials gathered over time. In very few cases, when buying a HDD from a profile store, the vendor notices the client that the external hard drives are extremely sensitive to shocks.

  • Bit Consulting makes 300,000 euros a year from recovering data from broken hard drives

    The local Bit Consulting company, specializing in data recovery from hard drives, USB sticks, or damaged memory cards, recorded a turnover of nearly 300,000 euros in 2013

  • Do not try "on the Net" solutions on your company's computers

    Data recovery may seem easy and fast with the help of such applications that have been developed lately. But there are important risks, and if you download an unverified application from the Internet you can do more harm than good.

  • Data Recovery from External Hard Disks.

    External Hard Drives are data storage devices commonly used by PC users to back up or store data.

  • BIT Data Recovery on I LIKE IT on PROTV on March 27, 2013

  • Data recovery - it's not as simple as it seems

    Many companies ignore basic data security measures - simple back-up, copying information to network locations, and disaster prevention tips, such as using a UPS for unfortunate cases where the power grid is having problems.

  • Is it possible to recover data from the SSD?

    After the appearance of SSDs circulated the idea that once broken, the data on them can not be recovered. We have written about the SSDs and one of their major advantages is that they are more resilient than hard drives.

  • BIT Data Recovery on I LIKE IT on PROTV on March 27, 2013

  • Data recovery from USB memory sticks

    The memory stick has become an indispensable device among PC users. Most of the time we find it in purses, pockets or as accessory keys. It is small, portable and easy to use, makes it easy for us to work and shortens our access time.

  • Bit Consulting - complete IT solutions and over 1,000 TB recovered in maximum safety

    On  IT market with maximum  competition there are some companies that through professionalism and investment in new technologies manage to keep the high stack and even represent an example to follow the way to do business.

  • How to fully recover the data that you consider fully lost

    Loss of data from a computer / laptop / external drive is often a problem with the most serious consequences. Business confidential information, pictures and clips of great sentimental value, the most beautiful movies and songs you have gathered over time - all of this can be a lost in a day and you will do almost anything to recover.

  • Protect your hard drive from heat and bad weather conditions

    Technicians in data recovery face annual waves of requests for data recovery services in the beginning and during the summer season. Will you say, what are the summer months with the data? Everything comes from overheating and high current consumption on hot days when electricity suppliers fail to cope with consumption, stabilize it, and so there are those current fluctuations that are not good for anyone.

  • Recovering Data from the Next Generation of hard drives – SSD (Solid State Drive )

    It's true that the price on GB is better for HDDs, but in the business environment where it's working more with documents, the 120GB SSDs seem to be the ideal choice. What is not known, however, about these SSDs is that although they seem more reliable, there are quite a few cases when they are damaged, and the data cannot be accessed

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  • BIT Data Recovery has partnerships with over 200 IT companies!

    Bucharest - May 21, 2012 - In 2011 and 2012, BIT DATA RECOVERY managed to collaborate with over 200 IT companies in Romania for data recovery services

  • BIT Data Recovery at IT Zone on TVR2 and TVR HD on APRIL 23, 2012

  • Recover data from memory stick with the help of professionals

    Family pictures, trips pictures and more are often the most important content on our computer. Compared to documents that can be created again, once lost pictures cannot be recreated. Fortunately, there are ways to recover them from any data storage device, be it a MEMORY CARD, USB STICK, HDD, DVD, etc.

  • Recover data from memory stick with the help of professionals

    You come back from a long-awaited vacation, with beautiful photos, but when you try to copy them to your PC you get the Memory Card Error message. Situations of this kind are at least frustrating, but the problem is often reversible.

  • Review - PDF Format - Data Recovery: Lost or Not?

    Any of us has gone through the thorny issue of losing data, starting from accidentally deleted files from the rush of the user, continuing with lost data from accidental computer shutdown and ending with hard drives according to Murphy's laws ...

  • Data Recovery From HDD, USB Stick and Flash Memory

    In Romania, there are very few things about the possibility of data recovery due to damaged storage devices such as: HARD (2.5 ", 3.5", 1.8 "), STICK USB, CARD (SD, XD, Memory Duo, MMC) CD, DVD, RAID (0,1,5,6). Regardless of the nature of the problem  there is often a solution for recovering data from the damaged device.

  • I lost data from my hard drive. What do I do?

    Did you accidentally delete important files from your PC or format the entire hard drive without saving the data on it? Accidental loss of data on any kind of storage device is a situation that we met at least once.

  • BIT Data Recovery, the recovery solution

    The USB stick is an indispensable device  that almost every middle-aged person nowadays uses such a storage device. What happens when the stick is no longer accessible?

  • Recover Data from a Damaged Hard Drive

    The damage of a computer hard drive can be catastrophic. They are different procedures, from a few corrupt files, or up to total loss of data on the hard disk. If you find yourself in this unfortunate situation, here are some steps that can help you recover your lost data.

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