HITACHI-IBM Hard Drive Recovery

Classification of issues encountered on Hitachi hard drive

HITACHI-IBM Hard Drive Recovery

There are two dimensions of Hitachi hard drives: 3.5 "(desktop), 2.5" (laptop)

3.5-inch drives typically come from desktop computers and they generally get damaged by power fluctuations or become inaccessible due to FIRMWARE problems.

3.5-inch HITACHI hard drives are also used inside external drives. More details can be found on the external data recovery page.

The 2.5 "hatches are often in service with mechanical defects suffered by some blows. There are also hatches that have ELECTRIC or FIRMWARE problems, but somewhat less.

Here are some examples of Hitachi-IBM harvesters that have been recovered in our service.

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Examples of hard disks with MECHANICAL, Electrical or FIRMWARE failures which were recovered

HTS541612J9SA00 IC25N030ATMR04-0 IC25N040ATMR04-0 HTS541616J9SA00 HTS541680J9SA00 HTS541680J9SA00 HTC426040G9AT00 HDS728080PLAT20 HTS541680J9SA00 HDS722580VLAT20 HTS541612J9SA00 IC25N060ATMR04-0 HTS541680J9SA00 HTS542512K9SA00 HDS721616PLA380 HTS541612J9SA00 HTS541612J9SA00 DA1905 IC25N080ATMR04-0 HTS542580K9A300 HTS541680J9SA00 IC25N030ATMR04-0 HTS541680J9SA00 HTS722012K9SA00 HDS721075KLA330 HTS421280H9AT00 HTS541616J9SA00 HTS541680J9SA00 HTS723216L9A60 DA2630 HTS541080G9AT00 HTS722012K9A300 HTS541080G9SA00 HTS541616J9SA00 HTS541680J9SA00 HTS542516K9SA00 HTS545032B9A300 HTS541680J9SA00 HTS541616J9SA00 HTC426060G8CE00 HTS542525K9SA00 HTS541080G9SA00 HTS541616J9SA00 HTS723225L9SA62 HTS545032B9A300 HTS543225L9A300 HTS543225L9SA00 HTS541680J9SA00 HDT725032VLA360 HTS541080G9AT00 HTS543232L9A300 HDT721064SLA360 HTS541612J9SA00 HDT722516DLA380 BA1769 HDP725050GLA360 HTS723225L9A360 HTS541080G9SA00 HDT721010SLA360 IC35L090AVV207-0 HTS541612J9SA00 HTS541060G9AT00 HTS545050B9SA02 HTS542525K9SA00 HTS541612J9SA00 HTS721010G9SA00 HTS722020K9SA00 HTS542525K9SA00 HTS541612J9SA00 HTS541616J9SA00 HTS545032B9A300 HDS721616PLA380 HDP725050GLA360 HTS541010G9SA00 HTS542516K9SA00 HTS545050B9SA02 HTS725016A9A364 HDP725025GLA380 HTS541612J9SA00 HTS548040M9AT00 HTS722080K9A300 HTS723225L9A360 HTS541680J9SA00 HDS721616PLAT80 HTS548040M9AT00 HTS542516K9SA00 HTS454050B9A300 HTS723232L9A360 HTS7250A9A364 HDP725040GLA360 IC35L040AVVN07-0 HTS722080K9A300 HTS428040F9AT00 HTS541612J9SA00 HTS541612J9SA00 HDT721075SLA380 HDT721075SLA360 HTS725050A9A362 HDS722525VLAT80 HDT725025VLA380 HTS545050B9A300 HTS542512K9SA00 HTS5432232A7A384

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