Maxtor Hard Drive Data Recovery

Classification of problems encountered at Maxtor hard drives

Maxtor Hard Drive Data Recovery

Maxtor hard drives have been removed from production, but there are still people who use this brand.

The most common types of Maxtor problem are surface problems that arise from long-term use.

These harps were thought to be used for a maximum of 4-5 years, but there are many cases where harps are used and 8-10 years. Certain components obviously lose their qualities and thus result in surface damage.

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Successful recovery from Maxtor hard disks

Here are some cases of Maxtor hdd which were recovered in our service. All of these models of hard drives have reached us with a physical problem.

Examples of hdd with MECHANICAL, Electrical or FIRMWARE failures which were recovered

6Y200M0 6L160P0 6Y120L0 6E040L0 6Y120L0 6Y080M0 6G160P0 6L080P0 6Y120P0 6Y080L0 6V160E0 6Y080L0 6E040L0 6Y080P0 6Y160M0 6E040L0 6L160M0 STM3500320AS 6Y080L0 6Y080M0 6Y120P0 6E040L0 6Y060L0 6Y080M0 6Y080P0 6Y060L0 6L080M0 6L080M0 6EQ040L0 2B020H1 6E040L0 2F040J0 6L080L0 6E040L0 2B020H1 6Y080L0 6Y080L0 6E020L0 STM3320820A STM3200820AS 6L080L0 6Y080L0 6E040L0 6V080E0 6V200E0 6Y060L0 6Y080L0 6E040L0 6E040L0 6E030L0 6E040L0 4R080L0 6Y120P0 6Y080P0 6E040L0 STM3250310AS 6E040L0 E1M0ENRE 6L080L0 6E040L0 6Y080L0

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