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Samsung Data Recovery Hard Drive

BIT Data Recovery specializes in recovering data from SAMSUNG HDDs with mechanical defects or FIRMWARE problems. We own the professional Samsung Recovery Technology and CLEAN ROOM CLASS 100.

Here are the most problematic Samsung hacks: HD253GJ, HD161HJ, SP0812N, HD154UI, HD103SJ. We have at least 10 recovered cases for each of these kernel models. Obviously the problems are diverse, some have come with various stages of MECHANICAL defects, others with classical problems of FIRMWARE and others with ELECTRICAL problems.

At the moment SAMSUNG's hacking division was bought by Seagate and in the future there will be no Samsung hubs, but for the moment the hacks bought in the past few years are still in use.

We have data recovery solutions on the Samsung FIRMWARE problem. One of the common situations on these hard drives is the alteration of one of the modules in the firmware area and this prevents the hard drive from initializing. We have equipment with which we can emulate these modules and we can recover the data entirely.

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Examples of hard drives with mechanical failure, electrical or recovered FIRMWARE

I also received many Samsung hard drives with mechanical problems, in general the new series of STORY class kernels that are very vulnerable to shocks. Also from this class we have in service cases with ELECTRICAL problems.

In our service we have developed the best data recovery solutions from HDDs with mechanical defects in Romania, we have the greatest experience in mechanical defects and most cases solved.

We know that the best recommendation is the results so we present you a list of SAMSUNG hardships that have been recovered in our service with various MECHANICAL, ELECTRIC or FIRMWARE problems. Each of the models below has been recovered at least once, and for some models with problems like the HD154UI we have reached 26 recovery procedures.

These are some cases of SAMSUNG hard drives which were recovered in our service, all of these models had reached us with a physical problem.

HD040GJ HD080HJ HD083GJ HD103SI HD103SJ HD103UJ HD154UI HD160JJ HD161HJ HD204UI HD252KJ HD253GJ HD300LD HD320KJ HD321LJ HD322GJ HD322HJ HD401LJ HD403LJ HD501LJ HD502HJ HE103UJ HM080JI HM100JC HM120JI HM121HI HM160HI HM160HX HM160JI HM250HI HM250JI HM321HI HM500JI HM500JJ HM501II HM502JX HS082HB HS122JC MP0302H MP0603H MP0804H SAMSUNG SP0411C SP0411N SP0802N SP0812C SP0812N SP0822N SP1203N SP1253N SP1604N SP1614C SP1614N SP1654N SP2004C SP2014N SP40A2H ST3500418AS SV0411N SV2002H SV2042H SW0212A

The classification of problems encountered with SAMSUNG hard drive

There are 3 dimensions of Samsung drives: 3.5"(desktop), 2.5"( laptop) and  1.8"( laptop, iPod, camera video, minilaptop)

In general the 3.5" drive come from desktop computers and are mainly deteriorate due to power fluctuations and they can become unavailable due to FIRMWARE problems.

SAMSUNG 3.5" drive are also used in the interior of external hard disks. You can find more details on the page dedicated to recovery from external hard drives.

The 2.5" and 1.8" most often come into service with mechanical failures as a consequence of hits. There are also hdd which have ELECTRICAL or FIRMWARE problems, but these cases appear more rare.

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