Toshiba Hard Drive Data Recovery

The classification of problems encountered with Toshiba hard disks

Toshiba Hard Drive Data Recovery

There are 3 dimensions of Toshiba hdd: 2.5"(laptop) and 1.8"(laptop, iPod, video camera, minilaptop).

Due to the fact that they are generally used in mobile devices, the most frequent problems for Toshiba hard drives are mechanical defects as a consequence of shock. There are also some FIRMWARE or ELECTRICAL problems, but very rarely.

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Examples of hdd with MECHANICAL, Electrical or FIRMWARE failures which were recovered

If you are interested in having the best chances of success being the best choice, we have the best technicians in Romania.ELECTRICAL problems are very rare in these cases but sometimes they can be extremely complicated or even impossible to recover. There are TOSHIBA hierarchy classes that have the built-in ROM in the mainchip which sometimes alters and thus loses the possibility of data recovery. Toshiba maps are 100% dependent on the native factory PCB.

Some examples of more troublesome hard drives from Toshiba are:
MK1234GSX - This model has been recovered in our service 12 times with various mechanical or surface problems or electrical problems
MK5056GSY - this model comes in service 4 times, Mechanical problems and Firmware
MK1646GSX - For this model we had 3 mechanical recovery procedures
MK3008GAL - For this model every time I had a mechanical fault

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