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There are many cases when we are in a hurry and delete a document by mistake or even worse, a whole folder with word, excel and PowerPoint documents …  If you did it and absolutely need those files back, you need our DOCUMENT RECOVERY service.

You will need to bring in your hard disk for service and a FREE diagnosis and subsequently we will be able to inform you of the chances of recovering your documents and the respective costs. The diagnosis can last maximum 24 hours.

In most cases our technicians manage to recover the documents even after they have been deleted or the hard disk has been formatted.

In case the documents were deleted and the hard disk was formatted, the DOCUMENT RECOVERY service is easier and the cost of recovery is therefore smaller.

In case of ELECTRICAL or MECHANICAL defects, the document recover procedures are more complex and this determines higher costs of recovery.

For a correct price estimate we are expecting your hard disk for a free diagnosis .

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The most frequently used types of documents are those created by means of the Microsoft Office Pack, that is Word, Excel, and these are the most frequently encountered in DOCUMENT RECOVERY operations.

No one wants to get to a situation where documents must be recovered, but there are nonetheless errors which make it necessary, such as:   Accidental deletion of some documents, accidental formatting of a drive, deterioration of a memory stick or memory card holding important documents, burnt hard disk, scratched CD/DVD with important documents.

All of these cases require document recovery services to be performed by a specialist who can maximise the percentage of data recovered, due to experience and state-of –the-art recovery equipment.

If you are not an IT specialist do not under any circumstances attempt to recover the documents yourself, it is highly likely that you do nothing more than overwrite data on the hard drive, which makes it more difficult to recover the documents.

It is very important that when you find that you have accidentally deleted or lost the documents, you do not add new information to the hddk. Every new added file makes it possible for you to lose the documents which must be recovered.

We recommend that you send us your device for a free diagnosis and if you agree, our DOCUMENT RECOVERY service will insure the recovery of the lost data.

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